Feature Matrix

October 19, 2018


When determining how to position and monetize a feature, two key variables need to be considered - its usage and its value




Low Usage / Low Value


If a feature is not being frequently used and does not provide value, what is it doing in the product? These features are what I call 'hacks' and should be removed from the product. 



High Usage / Low Value


These are the core features in the product. They are used frequently but their value is quite low as they are expected features in delivering the product's promise and don't help differentiate your product from the competition.



Low Usage / High Value


These are features that can be removed from the core product and offered in an add-on module that you can charge for separately. A fairly low percentage of your core product's users require this functionality, but those who do, are willing to pay for it. 



High Usage / High Value


These are the more advanced features that are ideal to create tiered pricing for. Unlike an 'add-on module' feature, which typically resolves adjacent needs, these advanced features deliver on the core product's promise but are more highly sought after as they deliver more value and/or are unique to your solution.








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