Gathering Customer Feedback

If you truly want client insight then don't ask them what they want improved or added to your product. Clients simply don't spend time dreaming up ways to improve your product. Fixing and improving your product is not their job, it's yours.

Rather, focus your client and prospect conversations on understanding their pain, why they require your product, what features they are using the most, what drives them crazy about your product, what other challenges they are facing beyond what your current product offers, etc.

Gathering feedback is critical and is more of a science than you might think. One example of a question I've learned to ask to unlock latent opportunities is to ask clients what they do immediately before and after they use the product. This gives me insight into what functionality I might want to add to a product.

If you can get those types of questions answered then you will have a clearer sense of what your priorities should be going forward.

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