What's in the Hopper?

You would think that the online travel website market is a commoditized space with no room for the smaller players. Think again! All it takes is for a company to focus on exploiting one key pain point that users feel to make a dent in the market.

Take for example Hopper. Hopper's claim to fame is that it is an airfare price alert service that uses pricing trends data to predict when fares will rise and when they will fall. After you enter in the days you want, the app scans through hundreds of different airlines’ current pricing along with four years of historical airfare data. Then it takes that information to determine how much your flight will cost now and what prices you can expect if you wait until a future date to book instead.


While Hopper isn’t the only travel search website that displays a range of prices and allows you to set alerts for fare changes, Hopper has become very successful as they paired a feature set that is very uncommon with excellent design to find their niche in an overall crowded marketplace.

Take away: Just because you are in a commoditized space doesn't mean there are not places where you can really different yourself from your competition. Listen to the market then innovate in the areas that matter and you will find your own blue ocean.

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